Welcome to The Sporting Millennial


So with my year abroad in France thought I would take the time to keep my hand in the world of sports! My name is Lona Price Jones and I graduated from Coventry University in 2016 with a MA in Sport Marketing and received my undergraduate (BA Hons Sports Business Management) from UWE Hartpury!


The posts within this blog will cover a variety of topics and cover a number of sports! So hopefully there will be a bit of something for everyone. I would call myself a sports enthusiast with being open and willing to learn, spectate and be involved in any sport. I have volunteered/worked for numerous events in the past four years of my education including: 2014 Tour of Britain, England 2015, 2015 Race of Champions,  and The Festival: Cheltenham. However during my teenage years I was an avid horse rider and competed in show jumping in Ontario, Canada. At the moment I am horse deprived but any opportunity to be back in the saddle, I will take it!


I am currently au pairing in Dijon, France for the year in order to gain further international experience and become (praying) fluent in French or to a professional standard!


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