It’s the most wonderful time of the year…14 reasons to get in on the 6 Nations action.

In two weeks time The 6 Nations begins. In brief, for those who may not know the 6 Nations is the Northern Hemispheres annual rugby tournament of Tier 1 teams. Composing of: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and France.

1.Fun fact: It is watched by the highest average attendance per match of any tournament in the world. Yes it beats the NFL and the FIFA World Cup!

ron burgandy
6 Nations in a nutshell

2) Friendly national rivalry. When half the teams share the same island it’s pretty difficult to get away from. But it provides us with conversation other what’s currently going on with the weather!

3) Even if not a rugby fan you get involved!  Your mothers, great-aunts cat was Scottish? Be the most patriotic Scot supporter there is.


4) Ref. Nigel Owens. Pretty sure everyone just waits for him to make that one savage jibe and it’s brilliant. Check out this compilation from various rugby occasions.


5) England v. Wales, enough said.


6) You don’t need any fancy television coverage provider to watch the games! #BlessTheBBC&ITV

drake applause.gif

7)THE SINGING. I’m not an England supporter, but do not stop me when I hear Swing Low. Plus by the end of the tournament you can pretty much sing along or at least do your best when it comes to knowing all other participating nations anthems.

8) It is a social time, winter blues getting you down? THERE’S THE 6 NATIONS FOR THAT. Perfect time to head on down to the pub with friends and watch the game and grab some beers.


9) There are no foes just banter. The other team are not the enemy per se.

10) Outfits and accessories. Having it be acceptable to wear ridiculous looking attire all in the name of your country. It’s totally worth it.

Yours Truly

11) Food. Rugby related food is some of the best food. Chips with Chicken Curry on top? YAS. *Dorothy’s on Caroline Street in Cardiff is the place to eat*carolinestdorothys

12) Love life. I guess it can make or break couples around Valentines Day.


13) Live Games. If you have the opportunity, GO. Don’t question it, just do it.

14) It happens EVERY YEAR. Yes you do feel lost on rest weekends and initially once the tournament is over but you only have another 45 weeks to wait.



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